Women who don’t like women

Carrie JordanLife Design

Around this time last year, I attended an event for a women’s organization here in Seattle. There were over 100 women there, sitting in a banquet hall event space, listening to about five women speak about their contributions and experiences as part of the organization.

One of the presenters went to the front of the room for her talk and began with something like this:

“I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t get along with other women. Most of my friends are guys—Women create too much drama.”

It astounded me that any woman would say that at all beyond middle school or high school—let alone to an enormous group of fellow women (know your audience!). This is why:

We must always choose our words wisely. There are so many challenges for women in this world—and we can’t afford to spread the idea (to women or men) that women are dramatic, or in any other way unworthy. Women need to stick together. 

Most of the women I know are wise, intelligent, warm, independent, funny, silly, beautiful souls…and much more.

What you don’t like about other people is what brings out your own shadow. In other words, what you don’t like about someone else is what you don’t like about yourself.

Every human needs a network or circle of women and men. It would be a disservice to oneself to choose one or the other. Create a network of people who provide a space of support, healing, love, and inspiration.