Wise women choose alternative paths

Carrie JordanShamanism, Womens Wisdom

It’s a rare person who is not conditioned by society. Most internalize what we are told throughout our lives: We are not good enough. We need makeup to be pretty. We need a certain face, a certain body, a certain job, a certain amount of money in the bank to be good enough.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things. But for me it’s important to consider WHY I am spending time doing what I’m doing. I like to consider where I got certain ideas, or if I feel I “should” be a particular way.

In the near future, women will be embracing their own inner guidance on what a woman is. Not defined by a commercial or what she learns from outside sources. But from her own inner source and her own idea of who she wants to be.

You can see this is already happening in pockets:

  • Women are choosing alternative paths for themselves and their families.
  • Women are having independent thought, conversations outside of the the mainstream narrative.
  • Women are creating businesses so that they can work with their own rhythms.

This shift is inevitable because as a human race we need to respect and understand the feminine body for what she can do and how she can be in our world before we are able to usher in a new level of respect for Mother Earth.

It is our job as wise women to gather the courage to become who we came here to be; to do what is alternative, not conventional and to live our unique lives in the ways we are uniquely guided.

Close your eyes. Who are you becoming, Courageous One?