Why I don’t post my kids on social media

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Womens Wisdom

Why don’t I post my kids on social media?

Myriad of reasons.

#1 reason: They are not old enough to choose it. When will they be old enough? TBD.

#2 reason: Most child pornography is created from social media images. Look it up, and prepare to be disgusted & horrified.

#3 reason: Their life is not mine to share.

Sometimes details parents share could be potentially embarrassing for the child. Once I saw a parent post a picture of his daughter in her crib covered in poop, crying.

My heart breaks when I see a parent posting a photo of their child crying as if it’s funny.

Not always, but sometimes I perceive moms “using” their kids for their social media or business. That’s not my vibe. Sometimes it can be done respectfully and tastefully.

My social media is about my personal journey. 💫

If I could go back, I would add this preference to the long list of things I needed to communicate to friends & family members about how we do birth/parenting/life.

Because when you do it different, context, boundaries, and standards are important to clearly communicate.

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