What is alignment and how do you get it?

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Wise women know that we have to go to great lengths to stay healthy in this dis-eased world:

-Buying water filters

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-Going out of our way to buy organic and unprocessed food

-Making what we can from scratch

And it’s not easy to live this way. It is part of our work. Our water has fluoride in it. Conventional agriculture sprays crops with pesticides and herbicides. Meat is full of hormones and antibiotics. Our systems do not support or encourage our wise ways.

There’s more to it than just diet, though.

Wellness goes beyond diet

For wise women, the ways of taking care of our body temples as the ancient ones did, helps us to access the divinity and intuition that lives in our bones.

Wise women create energetic alignment with their behaviors toward health, purity, pleasure, wellness. Then they are able to receive messages from the Divine and their Guides. Then they create anything they desire in our lives.

Alignment, desire, and magnetism are not necessarily about manifesting the trendiest items: it is more about being who we came here to be and doing what we are guided to do each day in service to ourselves, families, communities, and work in the world. Manifestation requires frequency alignment.

In this video, HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLPK25CwHpw I’m teaching you how wise women take care of their bodies versus our culture’s investment in our dis-ease. Since we avoid poison and sabotage from the outside at every turn, we must become devoted to taking care of our holy body temples as Wise Women. And like I said: It’s much more than diet! It is desire, pleasure, romance, and BLISS. I’m going to help you do that in Body Bliss Bootcamp.

What if you were able to easily integrate these principles into your daily life? What if you were able to take care of your holy & sacred vessel so that you felt connected to your purpose, pleasure, and personal power every single day?

I’m going to help you do that in Body Bliss Bootcamp.

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I can’t wait to see you there!