What is a Mystery School?

Carrie JordanShamanism, Womens Wisdom

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Since ancient times Mystery Schools have called forth those who are following a sacred path. That path leads to self knowing and knowing of the other world. 

A Mystery School is a university for the soul, a Path of self mastery where we can learn to awaken dormant DNA and develop ourselves as spiritual beings. It means devotion to educating ourselves about the development of our mind, our intuition, our emotional nature, our spiritual connection, and how we apply these into our physical life.

Maiden to Mother Mini Class
In this robust video class series I'll share unique teachings and distinctions.

The goal of the Mystery School is conscious self realization as part of the Great Web of life with all beings, visible and invisible. Self realization is a portal to the ability to mediate spiritual energies into the physical world. This supports personal and planetary healing. We understand that we don’t have power because we are “chosen” for this path. Instead, we are simply part of the universe understanding the universe. This understanding cultivates personal power and with that comes responsibility. We see through Spirit Eyes…we are the eyes of the Divine on Earth.
The Rise Collective Feminine Mystery School studies and teaches on the mysteries of life, who we are, the mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of the spirit, the mysteries of being Woman.

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What will I learn in the Mystery School?

We contemplate questions like, Who Am I? Who is my essence? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What happens when we die?

Asking the right questions is one of the important pieces that we teach in the Mystery Tradition; The Mystery School teaches you to ask excellent questions that lead you to find the answers within yourself. This contemplation help reveal the answers and awareness from within.

We also teach various tools and methods that support self mastery, sovereignty, and empowerment. Some are Meditation, prayer, contemplation, daily energy practices, harnessing our creativity, directing our focus and will, clearing distortions, honing our subtle perceptions and awareness, activation and initiations for awakening, and more.

Layers of dogma, indoctrination, and distortions from cultural programming may be obscuring your inner knowing and causing you to forget what your soul knows, or what you knew as a child. However it is all still there, waiting for you to remember.

Now…Teachers and Guides of the mystery school traditions don’t necessarily TEACH. Instead, they remind you of what you already know and who you already are. I will share tools and skills that support you to answer your questions in sovereignty, remember why you came here, and access your own inner knowing.

For millennia, what we now dismissively call “woo-woo” was secret. It was a mystery to those who were not initiates.

These days, society seems to relegate woo to an eye roll and cheapening deep teachings.

But we have always been the ones who know the secrets of the universe. This is the way of the Bhean Feasa (Bon Facia), in my lineage, the wise woman.  

In shamanic terms, the quantum field is simply the other realms. That is where all things are possible on all timelines, where time and space do not exist. To access the other realms, in the shamanic tradition we call it becoming the hollow bone. We leave the material world and our identities behind as we enter.

Why is a Mystery School a mystery?

In this earthly realm, I track an obsession with defining and redefining our identities and labels. “I AM this, and THEY are that.” And the part that blocks quantum connection is: attachment to those self definitions/labels/identities. Most people don’t realize that they are prisoners by psychological manipulation of consciousness.

There’s nothing wrong with that if you don’t care to live a quantum life, a mystical life. A mystical life consists of direct experience of reality beyond ordinary perception.

Most people don’t realize that they are prisoners by psychological manipulation of consciousness and frequency control. As a result, something outside of them (not their soul) controls and defines their reality. This limits our perception, intuition, and the way we see the world. In contrast, when we operate from sovereignty, we are not controllable.

Attach to your identity, be “ordinary.” Become the hollow bone, leave your biases and conditioning behind, and allow the Divine to guide you instead of allowing what is outside of you to guide you; This equates to becoming extraordinary.

Of course, humans with egos always have some “part” that wants to attach to identities and labels. Being aware of this and having choice around it is the trick.

I wasn’t expecting the internet to become such a contentious + dangerous place so quickly. I track a totalitarian mindset that attacks anyone who has a different perspective. People critique how others should be rather than being willing to see how everything and everyone is a mirror, as True Wise Women do.

I now understand something more acutely: Mystery schools were historically a MYSTERY for good reason. This is how it’s been (a mystery) for millennia, and NOW WE KNOW WHY. Because the danger is still there. We are STILL being persecuted in the 21st century through cancel culture and people who identify, whether they know it or not, with the Myth of Separation. All of the things that divide us, even separating families, friends, neighbors, and communities from one another.

I stand for Love, Sovereignty, and Choice.

If YOU are a wise woman, asking insightful questions, and developing yourself as a spiritual being, applying that wisdom to all areas of your life and your work, this Mystery School is for you. Come get on the wait list so you’ll be notified when we open.