The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

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The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

Do you struggle to be seen how you want to be seen? Do you struggle with expressing yourself in a way that truly honors your being?

You may be repressing emotions which is preventing you from fully expressing and shining your brilliance in the world.

If you think you’re not repressing emotions, I bet you’re wrong! That’s because I thought that I didn’t have repressed emotions…until I realized how much I hold back tears, laughter, excitement, and my human experience.

My story of repressed self expression

When I was a freshman in high school, my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she is doing great now!). I decided that I needed to keep it together. I thought that I needed to be strong so that my mom wouldn’t know that I was sad or scared.

The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

I over-compensated for my sadness at school by acting manically happy (which was great for my social life). I spent a lot of time at friends’ houses. If I wasn’t at a friend’s house, I was cleaning or helping around the house and mothering my brothers.

Later in life I realized that I blocked out a lot of those years from memory because it was very hard for the family.

Do you ever cry at “inopportune” times?

There are more instances when we’re not allowed to emote or express than there are instances that we can. Emotional repression is rampant in our society. For example, I had a story that it was embarrassing or the “wrong” time to cry, laugh, smile, emote, so I would hold back from expressing myself. In other words, I was not welcoming myself.

I realized that my repressed emotion was coming through during the slightest of triggers: a happy (or sad) commercial; a touching moment with friends or family; nearly anything could happen and I could cry at the drop of a hat. My theory is that a lot of emotion that wasn’t allowed to be expressed in my past finds sneaky ways to express itself in my life today.

Access life force through emotional expression

I was able to access more range in my self expression when I started to release the story that self expression or emoting is embarrassing or bad in some way. When I released that story, I was able to just be with myself as I would be with a close friend or family member who was crying or expressing.

In other words, I started to welcome my experience in every moment and this has drastically changed how I relate to self expression. Truly feeling and expressing every emotion, “good” and “bad,” can help us to access more range of ourselves. It can help us to be more human and most of all, more aliveness.

Watch the video to hear more about how this works. Emotional repression is a pattern in our society, often in our DNA and family lines that we need to address and reset. Are you welcoming your human experience?

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