Birth control review

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birth control pills

In this article, I won’t be doing a birth control review of different brands of birth control. Rather, I’ll expose birth control risks and birth control side effects. Around 65% of women aged 15-49 use birth control. Rates vary most by age: “About 39% of women in the 15-19 age group used contraception. But this rate nearly doubled to about … Read More

Why I chose home birth

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I’ve been meaning to share more about my experience becoming a mama because it’s been a huge turning point in my identity and in my life. Here’s one aspect of it—how and why I chose home birth. I’ve been a birth doula since 2016, so I have lots of experience supporting women through pregnancy and birth. For me, my own … Read More

Five ways to own your feminine nature

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5 ways to own your feminine nature

Some people hear the words “goal setting” and assume that the Life Design Method is rigid and fixed. They might ask, “what is particularly ‘magical’ or ‘feminine’ about this?” Actually, it is based in the feminine nature. My answer is that this goal setting process is feminine because it rests on the rhythms of the feminine. That is, the rhythms … Read More

Undisclosed yet common IUD side-effects

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IUD side effects

Recently I interviewed Tamara Wilder, founder of an Intrauterine Device (IUD) Awareness Group and IUD educator. She encourages women to share their experience with IUDs so that women considering an IUD for birth control can gather more information beyond what little information conventional doctors provide in order to make an educated decision. This article contains Tamara’s personal story, early warning … Read More