How self care gives you more energy

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self care day

Do you ever feel stuck, overwhelmed, or uninspired? 

When I feel this way, I take a few hours, a day, or a weekend to care for myself, my space, and my sanity. I find that from a hormonal perspective, this time usually happens around the new moon and/or around my luteal or menstruation phase.

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In fact, the waning and new moon is a great time to take a rest, go to bed early, unplug from tech to be more open to messages from the unseen world. In fact self care doesn’t have to be a bubble bath or a couch potato day full of Netflix. 

For me, a self care day can look like unplugging from tech, creating delicious meals, quality time with loved ones, organizing and cleansing my space, taking a nap, learning something new or reading a book.

The purpose of self care is to is to fill your cup, reinvigorate your energy, and clean your slate. Then start fresh when you go back to your regular life.


Here are some ways that you can create your self care day or weekend to go from feeling depleted to ready to move forward. 

How to create a self care day to recharge during the waning and new moon

1. Cleanse and organize.

I imagine by now you’ve watched or heard about Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up or her Netflix show where she helps people “kondo” their homes. This is a truly medicinal practice. Clear off your desk, your kitchen counter, and the surfaces in your home, organize your closet, and create systems. 

When the brain has too much to look at in a space, or when there is no system in place to put things where they belong (digital or physical), overwhelm comes up. When you’re organized in your work and in your physical world, it translates into your thought processes and mindset. Get rid of clutter. Put things in their proper place. Open the windows to get some fresh air in your space and burn a cleansing herb. 

2. Spend time in nature.

Taking a hike in the wilderness surrounded by trees is my happy place. Nature is the ultimate healer, helping us to ground, connect, get fresh air, exercise. You can find a special “sit spot” where you go to be in nature and listen. Or you can create an altar in a private place where you can go to work with nature to cast spells on the new moon or quarter holidays.

3. Learn.

There are so many great resources in the world on every topic you can think of. Take a moment to sit down and write down all of the things you want to learn about in the next five years, three years, the next year, and the next six months. You might find that you have a long list.

Get started by listening to Ted Talks, Youtube Channels, enrolling in a course on a site like Skillshare, reading a new book, or learning from an expert. 

4. Body Work.

My absolute favorite thing to do on a self care day is to visit the hot tub and steam room at my gym, followed by the chiropractor, followed by a massage. Yoga also helps us move into a meditative space and stretch out all the kinks in the body. This kind of body work helps release stagnant energy in the body.

5. Create a beautiful meal.

I used to think I could just cook without a cook book…I was a decent cook. But when I found cookbooks that I love, I became a next-level gourmet cook! I have a few dietary restrictions like gluten free, dairy free, and I try my best to be sugar-free (my husband would laugh if he read this because I have a wicked sweet tooth). 

On my days off, I love to cook and meal plan for the week. I feel grounded, grateful for the amazing food from the earth, and nourished when I create a beautiful meal for myself and my family. As I cook, I infuse love into the meal for myself and my loved ones.

6. Girls night.

Most quarter holidays, cross-quarter holidays, or new moons I host a gathering at my home for my circle of friends. We share delicious snacks and treats, check in and catch up. Then we have a focused conversation about a specific topic or we create something with our hands. 

Create a cozy atmosphere for your friends with candles, cover the floor with pillows, blankies, lambskin, make a roaring fire, and set out snacks.

Try heading out to a happy hour with friends to have some appetizers, beverages, and great conversation.

Create your own self care day and tell me about it! I would love to know what you add to this list and how you fill your cup.