Maiden to Mother Matrescence Mentorship

Pregnancy & Birth as Sacred, Ceremonial Rite of Passage

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood initiate us into a new chapter of life and a new identity.

We will cut through social expectations, trusting your authority and your unique way in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

I want you to feel like a QUEEN MOTHER during pregnancy and beyond.


If you can relate to this…

  • Lack of support or community around your pregnancy and birth
  • Falling “behind” in planning pregnancy and birth
  • Not taking care of yourself the way you know you should during pregnancy
  • Demanding family members placing expectations on you during pregnancy and birth
  • Feeling annoyed at the questions people ask and comments they make about your body

If you desire…

  • Being seen and heard in what you’re going through
  • Feeling prepared and empowered for your transition into matrescence (your new identity as a mother) and for post-partum.
  • To approach your matrescence as a sacred rite of passage that marks and celebrates the momentous occasion of birth & matrescence
  • To create meaningful-to-you ceremony for yourself & your family
  • Set boundaries with demanding family members and be at peace with saying NO
  • Feel confident, self-authoring, and recognized as a woman and mother.
  • Being intentional about your new identity as a mother and intentionally creating your legacy

We’ll have the refreshing conversations you’ve been craving, woman to woman.

I’m not here to show you my way. I’m here to empower you into finding your *unique* way.

  • Discern what distortions to leave behind from indoctrination and conditioning.
  • Create new identity as a mother and grieve the death of maiden identity.
  • Birth at home and request the support that you want, how you want it.
  • Lean into self trust and trust in your higher power.
Carrie Jordan Birth Doula

Your Guide

Hi, I’m Carrie, Maiden to Mother Matrescence Guide, doula, and home birthing mama.

I empower women to trust themselves during the profound transition of matrescence.

I began my career in birth work as a birth doula in 2016 and my initiation as a priestess in 2012.

Trained in a wide variety of applicable modalities and as a facilitator, I welcome the breadth and depth of women’s experiences. We explore the through curiosity and without assumptions.