Parenting as ancestral healing

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Shamanism, Womens Wisdom

If we can welcome the full authentic expression of a child, we break any and all ancestral patterns of abuse. Instead, we are creating a legendary legacy of love.

This is a gift to the next seven generations.

Can you show a child that she is loved and welcomed while she is bouncing off the walls giggly, silly, joyful AND/OR thrashing in sadness or rage?

Can you love and welcome yourself in every emotional state?

If you can’t do it for a child, you definitely are not doing it for yourself, because they are mirrors.

Spending time with children and welcoming ALL of them while simultaneously being aware of my own nervous system and emotional process is the ULTIMATE test of my growth and capacity as a space holder and coach.

It is an absolute honor to do ancestral work in these ways.

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