Necessities for a troubled world

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

I’ve talked before about our responsibility in this world, and the urgency with which we must approach our goals, our purpose, our soul mission, in service of mother earth and in service of reversing climate change. 

Climate scientist Gus Speth has said that what we need is a spiritual and cultural revolution in order to address the climate crisis.

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It may seem overwhelming to take part in a spiritual and cultural revolution. However there are some small but truly mighty ways you can get started on walking your talk and being an example in this world. 

Revolutionary acts of excellence

Meditate. Learn to welcome all of your experience into wholeness. Heal your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional body so that you can be fully available. This means becoming fully available to your community, fully available to develop your capacities and your gifts, fully available to receive messages of what to do next from the other realms. Meditation is listening for the subtleties of life that are sometimes hidden from our consciousness with the pace of modern life. Read more on how to get started meditating here.

On that note, Listen. Slow down in life, in work, in conversation and relating. When we move more slowly, we are able to see and discover more insight and depth. Whether that is insight and depth within our own beings, in our relationships with others, our relationships with the earth and her creatures, or relationships with the spirit world. Meditation is the first step to learning to listen.

Another way to “listen” is to listen to the indigenous people, the natives. They are the ones who have always been the leaders of conservation and being in right relationship with the earth. At this time in history, we need to listen to and amplify those voices more than ever.

For me, pregnancy has forced me to slow down. I used to constantly rush and move quickly so that I could get more done. Once my body slowed down, I physically could not do that and I had to start moving more slowly. I find that in moving slowly, I notice more nuance in my surroundings. 

Develop yourself in all ways. This is no time to sit on the couch watching TV, friend. You got shit to do. Find hobbies that are going to develop you towards being of service, whether that’s gardening, meditating, reading, writing, socializing in a particular way, beekeeping, cooking nourishing meals, or creating beautiful art, develop yourself.

Develop your gifts. Stay focused on developing YOU because we can’t DO this spiritual and cultural revolution without you. It’s counter cultural to get off the couch and have actual hobbies. So do that. Because we are dreaming a new dream, a new culture. 

Integrity. Hold yourself to a high standard. Do what you’re here to do, and do it fully. Like I said, this is no time to hold back. If you have challenges with bringing yourself fully, get support around that because we need you. Similarly, hold your friends up to the standard of being the best they can be.