My Maiden to Mother Rite of Passage into Matrescence

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

My first maiden to mother transition into matrescence during pregnancy and birth was a beautiful, challenging, and transformational rite of passage and spiritual experience where I leaned into profound trust in God, much like my vision quest experience in 2015.

I like to say that my eldest daughter initiated me into motherhood, and without her I would not be the woman I am today. I am so grateful to her for being the mirror who shows me what I need to work through every single day. She is patient, loving, and kind as I work through all the kinks of motherhood.

Maiden to Mother Mini Class
In this robust video class series I'll share unique teachings and distinctions.

My younger daughter brought me into a deep softening and acceptance of motherhood, and without her I would not be the woman I am today.

During pregnancy at times I felt frustrated + alone searching for advice, or looking for a wise woman who could hold space for me and teach me how to approach this change in my life. But not just any run-of-the-mill unsolicited advice or projections people so freely give to pregnant women….ick. 

So I became my own Wise Woman teacher. I recorded everything that I learned as a doula, mother & Wise Woman.

This is what led me to create such a structure for myself. I became my own Wise Woman and I recorded everything that I learned as both a doula, mother, and Wise Woman.

What I learned in my maiden to mother matrescence rite of passage

  • I discerned what distortions I wanted to leave behind from my indoctrination and conditioning.
  • I created my new identity as a mother and grieved the death of my maiden identity.
  • I chose a home birth (you can read about it here) and requested the support that I wanted, how I wanted it.
  • I approached my pregnancy of birth as ceremony: a spiritual rite of passage vision quest experience. I made hundreds of tangible prayers over 9 months, gathered my supporters, and felt connected with the spirit of my baby.
  • And so much more—my transformation is ongoing, as most mothers would attest.

If you’re a pregnant mama or you know a pregnant mama, this might be for you…or your friend (share with her!)

I created a Maiden to Mother class for:

-Pregnant women approaching pregnancy & birth as high ceremony.

-Mothers who want support in their transition to matrescence

You can learn more here.

MAIDEN TO MOTHER is a rite of passage indeed.

I didn’t do it how the mainstream does it, or how important people in my life wanted me to do it.

I did it MY way.

This was MY birthing process…What most people in this society don’t understand (in my experience) is that pregnancy and birth encompasses the mother birthing HERSELF as a MOTHER first. Then birth of the baby. And of course, birth of a father as well.

I learned about my preferences, my communication, my body shame, my self acceptance, my femininity, my relationship, my boundaries & sovereignty, who I could count on and not count on. I disappointed people. I defied everything I have been conditioned to believe about birth throughout my life.

All of it continues to inform my life as I allow the blossom, living in the unknown, settling into my feminine essence, and following breadcrumbs of guidance along the way. It’s a mystical life.

I promised myself and many of you that I would share about my passage.

I wrote it all down. It’s deep and wombic. Join me in the Maiden to Mother Matrescence Mentorship here.