Motherhood is a spiritual practice.

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Shamanism, Womens Wisdom

After my first baby was born I still tried to maintain my morning practice. LOL.

For me, after having children there was no “sitting in meditation.”

There is very little solitude or silence, no tea ceremonies, no elaborate rituals all to myself.

There is only presence.

There is only devotion to my family.

There is only learning from my teachers (my children).

There is only regulating my nervous system.

There is only finding a way to be joyful while I cook, clean, work, make beauty, pray, and care for myself and others in every way under the sun.

There is only the awareness of little eyes watching me at all times.

It is not easy. Not easy at all.

Mothering is my spiritual practice. It requires my full commitment to consistency day in and day out.

Finding a way to be patient, to regulate my body, my nervous system…finding my way back to my breath in moments when I just want to fcking scream…is part of my spiritual practice.

Processing my emotion elsewhere is my spiritual practice.

Active, in-the-moment prayer is my spiritual practice.

“God, help me.” Is likely my most frequent prayer…said in all sincerity.

“God, thank you for protecting us just then.”

“Mary, please help comfort my baby. Help her sleep.”

In fact motherhood is the most transformative spiritual practice I have ever worked with. And if you really know me, you know I’ve gone deep.

In my world there is no other way to mother. I couldn’t do this work without God in my life. I couldn’t do this life without God in my life.

Mothering has shifted, opened, softened me in ways I never could have imagined.

I am so grateful for my life.

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