The wrong way to work with the law of attraction

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There are so many misconceptions and oversimplifications of working with the Quantum, Manifesting, and the Law of Attraction. I’m sharing a distinction that will shift perspectives on how to work with this quantum law of the universe and co-create your life with the Divine within you.

This is one example why these ways were traditionally kept under wraps in the mystery schools: because it takes a lot of study and focus to truly understand how these mysterious laws of the universe work.

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I understand why lots of people in the law of attraction industry are teaching this concept incorrectly, and encouraging people to spend more money and want more THINGS, and be materialistic. So it’s easy to believe that these ways are “demonic” or evil in some way.

But the law of attraction is simply how atoms behave under a microscope—it just is. It’s how the universe functions. To say that is demonic is like saying that the law of gravity is demonic.

It’s all about how we work with these laws, wield their power, and how we teach them. In the video I explain a few important distinctions to be aware of while you work with this powerful law of the universe. Come learn more in the Feminine Mystery School:

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