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2017 Life Design Planner

What does it mean to live life on purpose?

Consider how much is automated in our lives: We have every piece of information in the world at our very fingertips. We can order anything we want on the internet. We can schedule paying our bills. We can get food delivered. Many of us get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it again the next day.

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Automation is convenient until it becomes monotony.

With big dreams and intentional, conscious living, we can break out of the ordinary mold. All you have to do is set an intention and the universe will take care of how.

That’s why my motto is the Phish line, “The trick is to surrender to the flow.” It isn’t easy to surrender to the flow and trust life, trust Spirit, because we have our own plans and ideas of how things should unfold. But when we surrender to Spirit’s guidance, magic happens.

When I look at my list of “100 adventures” bucket list in my Life Design Planner, I am pretty amazed at all of the amazing things I created for myself this year, and I’m sitting with what I want to create in my life, my business, and my partnership.

One day over lunch while I was traveling through Asia and Thailand, a friend asked me, “has this been the best year of your life?” At first I thought, YES! Then I remembered how painful the first half of the year was: I had broken off an engagement and was struggling with my health.

The point isn’t that this is the “best year of your life,” but instead ask, how much have you learned? How have you evolved? How far have you come?

For me it is so fun and inspiring to look back each month, quarter, and year to review what has happened and re-evaluate where I am going. This process really lights me up, and I love enabling others to do the same!

The point is transformation. Transformation can be amazing, and it can really suck. If we design our lives to be full of supportive community and experiences, every step of the way can be beautiful in its own way.

Get your Life Design Planner and CREATE your transformative year.

This ain’t no dress rehearsal, honey!