A planner that helps you access your innate wisdom

Mothers, soulpreneurs, professionals, wise ones, and anyone with a long to-do list loves this life-changing planner.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or scattered, the Life Design Planner will guide you through a proven process to simplify your work, intentionally design your family culture, nourish your soul, and achieve your goals.

Bring a fresh perspective to designing your life with the help of your own inner wisdom, and the divine (whatever that means for you). You’ll create a plan for the year, quarter, month, and week ahead while leaving room for flow.

*Some reviews are from Amazon sales. I am not currently selling planners on the Amazon platform.

Last year I used Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map planner and it was great but I like this better.
It’s not these masculine areas of life…with Danielle Laporte’s I really felt like “I am stepping into mama hood, and I cannot be in this masculine mode for planning my year.”
What I so appreciate about the Life Design Planner is that there’s so much flow, femininity and room for things that are not these masculine hard-core goals. I like the spots for oracle cards, the tending to how you want your body to feel, the planning of the cycles of the moon. I really love it.

Nicole Staats

Mama, Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics practitioner, nicolestaats.com

“I LOVE this planner!!! I tried to do a bullet journal and it was a booger to keep up with. This planner has a place for everything I could ask for.

This planner is changing my life. I can see synchronicity so much more clearly with gratitude, dreams, messages and divination laid out in front of me on the same page, I have shown it to many friends. I hope you will be making these for a long, long time.​”

Carolyn Poulter

Maker, Mother, Creative Space Holder

Video Tour of the Life Design Planner:

Life Design is a lifestyle of intention, inspired action, and devoted consistency in service of your truest essence.

  • PILLAR 1: Clear your psychic space so that your most authentic desires, insights, and visions can emerge.
  • PILLAR 2: Allow your spiritual guide(s) and the seasonal cycles to support you.
  • PILLAR 3: Commit to your reflective practices.
  • PILLAR 4: Work with actionable, practical & modern techniques to move your goals forward.

“I have tried uber-creative planners but they were too busy for me. I have tried corporate-type planners but they had no heart. Carrie has a solid base of heartful insight and practical foundation. This planner supports my need for organizing, tracking, and dream-storming.”

Nissa Howard


“I am so surprised to say that this is the best planner I’ve ever seen.”

Tanaya Caim

“When I became a mom I forgot some of my hopes, dreams, and goals on a personal and business level. I found an amazing planner to help me organize all the things that are important to me. I’m not talking about having a place to write in my dentist appointments and meetings…I’m talking deep hopes and dreams, my weekly emotional goals, and a place where I can write how I am really feeling and how I really WANT to feel. This planner is where it’s at!”


Mountain Girl Clothing

“I’m in love with The Rise Collective’s Planner. It LITERALLY has every single thing I would want.”

Ayesha Ophelia

The Girlfriend Manifesto

I’ve really seen how the planner works in my life especially around gratitude but also around seeing my successes little or big. When I write down what I want, I can go back and actually see I got it!

Ingrid Callenberger

Herbalist at Guerilla Medicine