How the life design method works

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How the life design method works

The Life Design Method is a way to set visions and goals in collaboration with the spirit world based in a shamanic worldview.

In this method, we have the orientation that there is always a solution. When I initially applied the solutions orientation to my life, I had to summon courage. Consequently I endured a pain because I had to make huge shifts. But the pain was so worth it. Now I have a life that I intentionally designed with the help of my spirit guides, I continue to design daily. [Get your Life Design Planner here]

To start with the method, use this question:

How might I ______________ so that [or “in a way that”] _____________?

This brainstorming question at once helps me see the obstacles and a rough idea of my ideal outcome. Here are some examples:
How might I *commute to work* in a way that *avoids traffic AND/OR is enjoyable?*
How might I *find a new home* so that *I can enjoy being at home?*

Then allow the answer to arise through a variety of ways: dreams, visions, voices or words, meditation, synchronicity.

These approaches to “problem-solving” and life designing helped me to brainstorm the steps and shifts that I needed to make in my life and work.

Remember: It’s not all you, making changes, shifts, and creating this life. We’re always co-creating with the natural world and our Spirit helpers, whether it we are conscious of it or not. The Life Design Method incorporates shamanism with goal-setting so that you can co-create with your guides.

This is a combination of what you want to create and what your spirit helpers are willing and wanting to help you create.

Some of the best times to do this are around the new moon, the high holidays (solstices and equinox) and the cross- quarter holidays (Imbolc, Beltane, Lugnasadh, and Samhain). I teach women to incorporate meditation, prayer, and journey work in their goal setting. This way, we communicate with the unseen world through listening and creating gifts of reciprocity.

We also make sigils, talismans in order to show the unseen world that we are ready to co-create with them. (you can get the monthly new moon spells by becoming a patron at

Following desire and welcoming emotion

The Life Design Method is based on an orientation towards solutions. Throughout my ten-year career as a graphic designer, I learned that there is a solution to every problem. Use this method to work with your spirit helpers and guides, achieve your goals and set intentions.

I always say, if your goals do not bring up emotions like grief and fear, it’s not big enough. Emotion comes up often when women set their goals for the years ahead. That’s because getting in touch with our desires can be scary.

We have the natural evolutionary impulse of desire. That is because its purpose is to lead us to a beneficial outcome such as release, experience, evolution, or learning. Most humans find the feelings of yearning and desire uncomfortable. Just know that it is a normal part of the human experience. And when we work with it instead of against it, we gain experience and with experience comes wisdom.

Inspired action

After you set your goals, create a strategy or inspired action plan to set your goals in motion. You can ask your guides to assist you in this process, or with any step along the way.

Get clear on what your return is on your investment of time, energy, and money. Then focus the inspired actions that will make the biggest impact toward your goal, while listening to your guides and asking for their help at any time.