A lesson from the trees

Carrie JordanShamanism


Have you ever noticed how happy the trees look in the spring time? For me it feels like the trees are reaching out, asking to be touched, greeted, they are saying hello, and blooming just for us.

When it’s winter we typically ignore the trees. They are dormant and hibernating, we are cold—maybe walking faster, just trying to get where we’re going and get out of the cold.

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Trees are happy in the spring time because this is the time when we pay attention to them. They are giving us their gifts: flowers, berries, shade, aromas. In the spring time we are out and about, sniffing them, touching them, saying hi to them, and it makes them happy. 

Like trees, we are happiest when we’re being seen how we want to be seen and able to give our gifts in life.

Meaningful work that lets us use all of our gifts often lights us up because we feel seen in our talents and abilities. When we get recognition for our work or our gifts, it can often feel nourishing and relieving.

Like trees, how can we reach out more with our metaphorical flowers…saying hello and being noticed in our beauty?

We can show more of ourselves when we prioritize authentic self expression in the present moment. Authentic self expression looks like revealing our desires, our feelings in the moment, our delight, our sadness, our gifts.

Like a tree coming out of dormancy in the winter, blooming into the present moment, revealing the beauty within, and reaching out, extending a branch for connection with others.

How do you want to be seen?