How to unravel illusion & lies while building your intuition

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how to build intuition

I define intuition as an inner knowing. It’s a connection to the divinity within myself, a connection to God/Goddess. And presently, I see a lot of people who are unaware that they are deeply disconnected from their intuition, and their feelings.

Relationship with intuition, with my higher self, like most relationships with humans, requires listening, trusting, and reflection (in that order).

My relationship with my own intuition has been a journey of ups and downs. My connection with my body through dance has always been the way “in” to intuition for me, with a mix of clairvoyance and clairaudience which comes through with a certain voice in my thoughts.

I know what it’s like to have strong intuition, and I know what it’s like to completely be left in the dark for years by my intuition because I didn’t listen.

There are two levers here I see for unraveling the lies in our individual lives since that is what we have control over:

  1. Deconditioning and escaping the shackles of indoctrination, being able to identify it, and it’s sneaky.

2. Being honest about who we are and what we stand for.

Watch the whole video with many more teachings on lies and illusion on youtube:

When you believe a lie, you have allowed your energy and awareness to be stolen AND you gave away your power to a liar. You’re allowing yourself to be manipulated and aligning yourself untruth, this means you are hemorrhaging more and more free will.

This ties up energy which otherwise could be expressed creatively. It disconnects us from our truth cord, which grounds us to reality and our intuitive knowing. What I see happening is that swaths of people are in denial (a fundamental rejection of reality) about what is occurring because the truth is so deeply painful, they would rather believe a lie.

But medicine people and wise ones must be courageous enough to face the truth of what is occurring, it is our job, plain and simple. Any medicine person who is not doing this work in today’s spiritual battle is fraudulent.

How to stop lying and how to identify lies

Liars lie for various reasons. What I see happening in the field is that people are perpetuating lies unknowingly because they are deeply indoctrinated into a set of beliefs that are not reality, but instead that benefit those at the top.

When you continue feeding yourself lies by allowing yourself to be indoctrinated, you are feeding entropy (loss of information in a transmitted message) of the collective and you’re feeding a very alive energetic of manipulation, illusion, and disempowerment.

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To stop the entropy, we not only have to meet the parts of ourselves that are afraid of telling truth for fear of being ostracized. We have to be willing to face the painful truth. We have to be willing to let go of the comfortable lies that we would rather believe—because the truth is painful indeed.

When you have given the freedom to everyone to like you or not like you, to love you or hate you, to see things as you see them or to see things differently—you’ll finally have personal freedom. Stop trying to control the outcome of your relationships.

Believe me, I’ve been harassed, attacked, publicly shamed, ostracized, and thrown out like yesterday’s trash by family members and people I thought were life-long friends. For simply telling it like it is. I have to be ok with that because this is my job.

Wanting to CONTROL the outcome, or what others think of us is just another manifestation of suppressing the feminine because it is control. And the feminine can not be controlled.

How I lost touch with my intuition

Several years ago, I was spending all of my time with my good friend and house mate from college. Our friendship was so special. We have many memories together.

One day, I found out that this friend had been dating my ex boyfriend for a year and half, and lied to me about it. She would speak in her native Portuguese in front of me to our mutual friend about him. She would scold me when I brought up how I missed him. The worst part was that she also got our group of friends to lie to me.

At the same time, the guy was writing me love letters from afar (he lived in another state).

In hindsight, there were so many moments when she manipulated me and lied to me during that year and a half. Looking back, I knew that something was “off” but I couldn’t put my finger on it and didn’t have the communication skills to question what was happening. I never would have guessed that she would do such a thing or go to such great lengths to lie.

How lies affected my relationships

Since everyone around me was also lying, I learned to distrust my intuition. Voices that we don’t acknowledge learn to stop talking.

It is sort of like when I write down my dreams, more dreams come because I’m acknowledging them; When I listen to my intuition, more information comes because I’m trusting myself.

In contrast, I learned the hard way that when I ignore my intuition, it disappears. When I found out, I was devastated. It felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. I didn’t know who I could trust. My friendships were irreparably damaged.

My friends justified their behavior and minimized my feelings and rage. They told me that they felt they didn’t have a choice but to lie and omit information. I never felt heard, and in my experience my feelings were never validated.

I didn’t have the authentic relating skills then that I have now. If I could go back in time to those moments where I knew something was up, I would have given voice to my concerns, even without knowing what was happening. I would have said something like:

  • “Something’s not right.”
  • “I’m not sure what’s happening but I have a tight feeling in my chest.”
  • “Hearing that, I feel distrust. Is there something that you need to say?”
  • “This is too fast for me. I’d like to slow down and find out what’s happening.”

I would have given more space for the truth to emerge.

As a result of the lies I built my life and relationships on, what followed were years of disconnection from my intuition.

Lying usually seems pretty harmless, especially if it starts out as only one little lie. But when we lie, the person we lie to begins to distrust their intuition.

My realization

For a long time I tried to continue being friends with the woman who did this. I treasure our many memories together. Now I know that my dignity and point of view is more important than any friendship; than the cohesiveness of the friend group; than other peoples’ happiness. I deserve friends who I can trust, and who honor my well-being without hesitation.

What I got from that time was a rock solid relationship with myself and my intuition that continues to evolve, new standards for the kinds of friendships I want to have, and the knowing that my perspective matters.

What is intuition?

Intuition is a connection to the truth, which everyone has. It is your belly brain, your gut, which tells you when something is off, when something isn’t right. It is an internal navigation system which helps you figure out who you do and don’t want to associate with, what you do and don’t want to do, and how you do and don’t want to be, and gives you lots of other information that there are no words for.

Whether we lie to our child, lover, friend, or boss, we are creating big waves in the world, perhaps without even knowing it.

Here’s a classic example: A child who notices that his parent is drunk frequently and calls out the parent by saying, “What is going on? You’re acting strange.” The parent lies and says, “Nothing. Everything is fine.” Surely lots of these situations are more serious than the one I just described, but you get the idea.

The child learns to distrust the intuition that told him something was wrong because someone he trusts is telling him that everything is fine, and nothing is off. Children of alcoholics often have to rebuild their intuition in adulthood for this reason.

When someone learns to distrust their intuition (their feeling of what is true or not true), they begin to loose touch with their internal navigation system and distrust what their gut is telling them.

When we lie, we come to expect lies from other people. As a result, we begin to distrust ourselves and the collective. The waves we make in the world have effects, no matter how small. That’s why it’s so important to authentically show up in our relationships.

How to recover your intuition

Following your intuition can help you avoid the pain of knowing that you ignored your body’s wisdom and paid an emotional or physical price for it. Intuition is a relationship with yourself. When you’ve had an experience that has dishonored this part of you, intentionally or not, it goes into hiding. In order to build your relationship with your intuition:

  1. Remember and write about a time when you felt and followed your intuition; when you trusted yourself enough to follow your inner guidance. How did it feel? How did you know? Why did you trust it? What was the result?
  2. Remember and write about a time when you felt but didn’t follow your intuition. How did it feel to override the message you were getting? What was the hangover like? What was the result?
  3. Connect with your body. The body makes your human experience possible. Before you can hear or follow your intuition, you need to build the relationship with your body’s subtle messages. Notice the feelings and sensations that comes up.
  4. Get to know the difference between your body’s impulses (hunger; turn-on) versus your body’s intuition (a knowing in your bones, your gut, or your cells). You might get to know the difference through over-indulging in your impulses; Find out what your limits are through being in relationship with your intuition and asking when is a good time to stop.
  5. Start to understand how your intuition speaks to you. It could be through sensations in your body, through the sight of clairvoyance, clairaudience, or it could be through thought. Record what transpires each time a message comes through and you trust it or choose not to trust it.
  6. Verbally reveal what your intuition is telling you; in other words, give your intuition a voice. You might say something like, “I’m getting an image of a person sitting on the end of the pier, and there are dolphins jumping out of the water…” or something like “I’m feeling a lot of resistance to that suggestion…” or “I don’t believe you. Is there something that’s more true?”
  7. Enlist a close friend or partner to support you in rebuilding your relationship with your intuition; someone who will trust your intuition when you trust your intuition. For example, my partner and I have an agreement that when one of us can’t articulate why we feel strongly about something, it might mean that it’s our intuition and we both yield to it. It hasn’t failed us yet.

This is an invitation to notice and feel what is so; to yield to what is true in your inner experience so that you can also unveil your true essence. Embodiment is when our eternal soul (the part of ourselves that can’t die), finds home in the body. When the eternal aspect of ourself is wedded to the physical, and we are honest, authentic, and radiant.