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In the hoop dance community, when you’re day dreaming or lost in the head space, a friend will usually say, “THE BODY.” It’s a reminder to connect with your senses and what’s going on in your physical body, here and now.

The body is the key to our ancient inner wisdom, intuition, and connection with the heart space. In our frenetic world, we constantly look at our devices, we’re checking email, looking at pictures, and engaging with people across time and space. Gary V, social media icon and maven, has said that it seems like cyber space is more important than the real world these days; that cyber space is more important than reality.

This is probably true for many people, but to live a Shamanic Lifestyle, that can’t be true. We need people who are engaged in the true nature of the world, and that means being here and now.

It is a challenge to connect with the heart space because we are so accustomed to living in our head space. This is especially relevant for the astrological sun signs who are part of the element of air (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) and those of us who spend a lot of energy thinking about our lives, what we need to do next, our businesses, our careers, our families. Instead, what’s it like to just be, without thinking so much?

Dropping in to the body means being aware of the physical realm, the world around us. Being in connection with and aware of what is going on around us in the natural world is an integral part of living a Shamanic Lifestyle.

Getting in touch with our senses are the surest ways to find the trap door back to the heart space.

Here are some simple ways to access your sensual nature:

  • Return to sacred breath. Thank the element of air.
  • Shift your posture and align your spine.
  • Release tension. Stretch.
  • Go outside. Ground on Mother Earth, and thank her.
  • Eat something that grew in the dirt.
  • Drink sacred water and thank the element of water.
  • Dance and sing. Movement, vibration, and momentum are life.

How do you snap out of it when you find yourself lost in your head?

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