Why goal-setting definitely works

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Why goal-setting definitely works

Recently I’ve been noticing that the internet likes to publish articles about why goal-setting is a “waste of time.” I’ve seen these kinds of articles on Psychology Today, Forbes, Business Insider, and other content-heavy sites.

Just google “goal setting doesn’t work” and you’ll get a list of reasons why you should be complacent in your life and stop setting goals.

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The art and science of goal-setting is a huge part of my work as a guide for women. As such, I make it my duty to read these kinds of articles.

Usually I find that these goal-bashing articles are more click-bait than anything. Here’s my conclusion: If you don’t like the words “goals” or “goal-setting” then call it something else. Goal-setting is simply a time to consider our most closely held desires, wishes, insights, intentions, dreams, and visions. It can be as practical and as woo-woo as you want. Everything is what we make it…including our lives. 

Why I createad the Life Design Planner

The year I created the Life Design Planner, I was unhappy and needed to make changes in almost every area of my life. This was so overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. So I created a system to document my satisfaction in every area of my life and my progress in improving my circumstances.

The system works like this: Envision what you want, then reverse-engineer how to get there throughout each quarter, month, and week of the year. Then, consistently document your progress every step of the way.

100 Percent Responsibility

One of my core life philosophies is that I take 100 percent responsibility for my life and my experience. Goal-setting helps me and my clients do that. I’ve discovered that when the approach to goal-setting is sound, the process will yield results. When you document your progress on a consistent basis, and review that documentation consistently, you will absolutely make life upgrades.

That’s because documentation helps us keep track of our satisfaction, the messages and insights coming through, and progress on creative, professional, and spiritual pursuits.

I see the Life Design Method work with the repeat Life Design Planner customers and clients. They have launched businesses, up-leveled their businesses, paid off debts, started amazing new relationships, taken adventurous trips, checked things off their bucket lists, improved their outlooks, started families, and more.

Last year one of my customers went through a harrowing experience in her personal life, and she’s updated me on her progress a few times throughout the year, as I have been rooting for her.

She revealed that it took her about a week to cultivate the courage to face reflecting on last year. She said, “Already I have noticed a clear path toward engaging with a more fulfilling life. Thank you for the energy, time, and effort you put into designing this planner.

It’s true. Sitting down and looking at the past and the future takes a lot of courage.

Being a fully realized woman requires that we do so. It means taking responsibility for our lives and choices; cultivating more agency. Self realization is a practice and we need tools to support us. In fact, that is precisely why I created the Life Design Planner.

Of course I see the miracle of life-designing in my own self-documentation. Last year, the third year I used the planner, life shifted substantially.

Less than halfway through that year, I traveled to a retreat I had been dreaming of for years. There, I met lifelong friends. Later that year, I moved states, ended a relationship, promptly met the Love Of My Life, quit my job and committed to my business full time, traveled with Him to Bali…and more. 

Some of that was absolutely wonderful, and parts of it were so hard! At times it felt like I was flying on a unicorn’s back over a rainbow and at other times it was like slogging through quicksand. Like I said, it takes a lot of courage to make big life-shaking changes.

How the Life Design Method works with goal-setting

  1. Reflect on your satisfaction in each area of life.
  2. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned in the past year and month.
  3. Set big goals, dreams, visions, and wishes for 5-year, 3-year, and 1-year increments.
  4. Work backwards from there by creating quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals that map back to your big dreams.
  5. Identify the patterns and themes happening each quarter, month, and week. Then decide how to either change course or take next steps.
  6. Identify where you are out of integrity—where are you not walking your talk? 
  7. Record your intuitive insights and the messages coming through in your dreams and synchronicity your experience.
  8. Iterate on your goals, dreams, and visions according to your self documentation.

Make the method work for you

I do my weekly plan every Monday morning. It’s my time. I make a warm morning beverage, light my candle, and make time to plan my life. I revisit my 12-month, quarterly, and monthly visions to clarify the week’s biggest priorities.

Creating time for ourselves and our plans takes us out of auto-pilot mode, rushing, and overwhelm. Taking that time empowers us and reminds us that we have everything you need, and that we are supported.

If the Life Design Method is going to work for you, you’ll need to create a ritual. If you find it hard to start a routine, make it special. Keep your planner on your desk and sit down for 10 to 15 minutes with a delicious morning beverage. If morning doesn’t work for you, try Sunday evening or Monday at lunch. Choose a time and place that works for your schedule and feels like a treat, not a chore.

Be consistent

Can you imagine the feeling of being a mountaineer standing at the bottom of Mount Everest with a plan to climb to the top? It doesn’t happen all at once.

It unfolds step by step. Being intentional about where you’re placing your feet, how much energy you’re using, and your route.

Achieving your goals step by step with consistent action is how you will create what you set out to create.

reach your goals step by step

Most women are surprised by how supportive and empowering this method can be. The method includes the process of envisioning, breaking it down, creating daily consistent steps, and celebrating what’s going great.

If you lack focus, feel scattered or are constantly searching for purpose, the spiral bound Life Design Planner will guide you through a proven process to identify what’s working. Get clarity on what you want and create solutions despite constraints. Bring a fresh perspective to designing your path in life with a plan for the year, quarter, month, and week ahead. At the same time, leave room for magic to unfold.

With over 200 pages of prompts, outlines and affirmations and in only 30 minutes a week, commit to living up to your full potential as a powerful woman, and live into your soul’s purpose here on earth. Cheers to dreaming big this year!

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