Episode 22 with Makhosi Nejeser

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Makhosi Nejeser Royal Shaman

Today, Makhosi Nejeser AKA the Royal Shaman, Spiritual Guide and Zulu Shaman is joining us! 

Through Shamanic DNA Activation & Energetic Alignment, Makhosi assists soul-seeking clients who desire to discover their purpose, decode their essence and break through the blocks keeping them from creating limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom & exceptional impact. She is a Spiritual Guide & Authentic Shaman that helps high achievers fulfill their highest potential using mindset, mindfulness & metaphysics mastery.

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While preparing for medical school, Makhosi soared to the top 1% of consultants in a $250 million direct sales company.. After reaching the top, her world was shattered as she realized that what society defines as success was not fulfilling. She knew there had to be something she was missing, a revelation that launched her shamanic journey.

Makhosi spent 3 years traveling back and forth between the U.S. and West Africa during her initiation into Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery Schools of High Priest Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. The experience changed the paradigm of her perspective about life and spirituality. In the following year, her Ancestors led her, via dreams and synchronicities, to complete a series of 7 more initiations, tests, and trials in South Africa, which culminated in her becoming a fully-initiated Sangoma (Zulu Shaman) under Makhosi Singh, the spiritual daughter of Gogo Phakathi .

Now, she bridges Ancient Spiritual Wisdom in a modern, practical way that resonates with people from all walks of life. She applies fundamental, spiritual truths to help high achievers consciously create satisfying success in the real world. The wisdom she shares is all-inclusive, nonreligious, and practical; her clients walk away with a completely different perspective of their life and the world. Working with Makhosi allows them to obtain the tools they need to be happy, successful, and fulfilled spiritual beings having a soul-filled human experience.

Find out more about Makhosi here.

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