Episode 20: Trusting the Wild within with Leaf Running Rabbit

Carrie JordanShamanism

Leaf Running Rabbit

Today, Leaf Running Rabbit is joining us!

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In the episode you’ll hear about:
-Leaf’s off-grid lifestyle
-How Leaf made his home in an abandoned cabin in the mountains
-Leaf’s ceremonial life
-His genre called Photo Poetics and his book Wild Be

Leaf Running-rabbit, 50 years old
Heritage/Ancestry: 1/4 Shawnee, 1/4 Mvskoke Creek, 1/2 Dutch/European, 100% Earth Human

I live at 9,000 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains in Ward, CO. in a 100% off-grid straw bale house I built myself. I have lived here and off-grid for 30 years. I am divorced with 2 children, River Sage, 30, and Ella Wren, 24. I am a semi-retired entrepreneur who built two businesses from the ground up (a green-building/straw bale construction company and a chimney sweep company) and sold them both 3 years ago.

Now my focus is my own genre called Photo Poetics, which is a relationship between writing and photography where a poem is coupled with a photo or series of photos, each one saying what the other one cannot. In other words, the poem captures in words what the photo captures in image, and vice versa.

I am a published writer with Middlecreek Publishing and Audio, and am a regular featured writer for Solar Today, a quarterly publication focused on solar energy and off-grid living (www.ases.org).

Other focuses currently taking up my time are Ceremony, Mentorships, Ritual, and Spiritual Art. I work with many children, teens, and schools in the areas of Earth-centered Lifeways, the Medicine Wheel of Life teachings and its practical use in everyday life, as well as Sweatlodge and Sacred Pipe Ceremonies.

I also do regular workshops, retreats, and Ceremony Rituals with entrepreneurs and business team building groups from all across the country. And finally, I regularly do guided back country ski and hike trips through the wilderness and up onto the Continental Divide, of course with all kinds of Teachings along the way!

Join Leaf on Facebook, where he posts tons of great stories, wisdom, and photos!

Wild Be: https://www.middlecreekpublishing.com/wild-be