Episode 19: Spiritual Wellness with Pixie Lighthorse

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Pixie Lighthorse Rise Collective Podcast

In the episode you’ll hear about:
-The challenge of healing under imperialism
-Reframing productivity as generous, wise, solutions oriented.
-Cultivating the courage to look at how we harm ourselves and change.
-Working with constantly evolving (side by side with us) nature and animals as medicine
-How leaning into discomfort in relationship can create intimacy
-Commitment to supporting the youth and planetary health & wellness

About Pixie Lighthorse

Pixie Lighthorse is a prolific author and teacher. Her books are Prayers of Honoring, Prayers of Honoring Voice, Prayers of Honoring Grief, Goldmining the Shadows, and Boundaries and Protection.

Maiden to Mother Mini Class
In this robust video class series I'll share unique teachings and distinctions.

She has created over 50 original online educational courses applying integrative transformative practice, animal and plant studies, and the Medicine Circle into self-healing soul work. You can access those as ebooks on her website.

Pixie writes to create broader applications for internal healing. She teaches practical living skills- boundaries, activating the sacred voice (truth-telling), overcoming fear, goldmining the shadows, nurturing the mother wound-all through the context of Earth. Pixie is also a talented painter and is currently working on illustrated book projects.

For this episode, the Patreon bonus is a giveaway of Pixie’s book Prayers of Honoring. You can enter the giveaway by becoming a patron at patreon.com/risecollective. You can find out about Pixie’s work and sign up for the prayers and worksheets she sends out at her website PixieLighthorse.com.

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