Episode 15: Divine Feminine with Sweet Medicine Nation

Carrie JordanShamanism, Womens Wisdom

Sweet Medicine Nation on the Rise Collective Podcast

Today Grandmother Sweet Medicine Nation is on the show for the second time. This time, she is sharing some teachings about the Divine Feminine.

Sweet Medicine Nation is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and medicine Teacher and guide. With her eloquence, wisdom, and gifts she’s dedicated her life to offering opportunities for people to experience a conscious and deep connection with nature and spirit, through indigenous education and ceremony.

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Over 35 years she’s assisting thousands of people through Rites of Passage ceremonies on five Continents, Rekindling the Holy on Mother Earth, our birth rite.

As a Medicine Person and teacher, she awakens within us the original & sacred values as earth guardians, honoring the natural ways for benefiting all Beings on Mother Earth.

With her wise-woman guidance, she offers powerful and useful tools for our contemporary lives. These tools and accompanying ceremonies are for revising, repurposing, and reclaiming our lives in this New Era of the Divine Feminine. 

She is the founder and President of the Four Winds Community Foundation in Oregon for over 17 years. Four Winds Foundation is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity, offering indigenous wisdom through sacred rites ceremonies and education.

Sweet Medicine is one of my honored teachers, and I highly recommend being part of her world however you can. There is an event coming up in Guatemala where you can be part of the teachings and ceremonies. This event includes Tat Erik from Episode 10. Sweetie will share more about the event at the end of the episode. You can find out more on her website sweetmedicinenation.com and click Guatemala 2020. [https://www.sweetmedicinenation.com/earth-week-guatemala-2020/]

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 In the episode you’ll hear about:

-What it takes for women to come from the warrior path to allowing the time and space to allow the flow of the Divine Feminine

-The distinction between achieving and becoming

-Exploring our wild nature versus our domesticated conditioning from the over culture

-How we can support the youth

Earth Week 2020 in Guatemala: https://www.sweetmedicinenation.com/earth-week-guatemala-2020/

Get a soul purpose reading with Sweetie: https://www.sweetmedicinenation.com/readings/

Learn from Sweetie long distance: https://www.sweetmedicinenation.com/soul-super-power/soul-super-power-videos/