Entering the MOTHER phase of the women’s lifecycle is only possible for actual mothers

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

There are people teaching that women can enter the women’s lifecycle phase of MOTHER without becoming an actual mother. They say that it is metaphorical, archetypal.

It’s simply not true. In fact, it’s pandering. It occurs as tip-toeing around—avoiding “offending” non-mothers.

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You can not enter the MOTHER phase of the lifecycle of WOMAN without becoming an actual mother to a child.

The truth is: A woman who is not a mother can not innerstand what it is like to be a mother.

The MAIDEN is the expression of the IMMATURE FEMININE. The next phase after MAIDEN for those who are not mothers is not MOTHER. It is MATURE FEMININE.

It may be painful for some women to hear this.

And it is ok to feel pain. It’s ok to grieve. That is all welcome here.

There’s nothing wrong with some people not innerstanding what it means to be a mother. We don’t have to all innerstand one another. Instead we can simply appreciate that we are all here on this planet, and we are all having different experiences of the magic of LIFE.

Let’s not confuse people further than they are already deeply confused about women and mothers in this sick culture.

No one other than a MOTHER can be a mother.