Embody the Divine through sacred feminine adornment

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Embody the Divine through sacred feminine adornment

For me, sacred adornment is part of being a woman. Women have been doing this for centuries. I have heard there’s even evidence that cave women shaved their legs with sharp shells! And eyeliner is common in many parts of the world. After all, it accentuates the windows of the soul.

Adornment is why I love Halloween. It’s why I love wearing and making jewelry. It is fun to dress up and put on makeup.

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I remember as a little girl finding my mom’s makeup in the bathroom and smearing lipstick all over my face. I did it because I saw my mom do it. She is beautiful, I admire her and wanted to be like her. I was curious, and it was fun.

Adornment through makeup, jewelry, and clothing is a way to shine and sparkle in the world—to worship your own body.

The body is beautiful. It demands attention. When we are truly being authentic and shining our true light on the world, we demand attention.

When we emerge as the embodiment of a goddess, affirm our innate radiance, and express ourselves in full daylight (instead of one day a year on halloween), we are not objects; we are liberating others to shine their lights as well. We don’t necessarily need to do this through material things or makeup, but I think that just makes it more fun.

See how it feels to dress in beautiful clothing, your favorite jewelry, and sparkles. Light up the room with your smile. Accentuate your favorite parts of yourself. Dance because it makes you feel good. Wear nice underwear. Take yourself on a date. Leave beauty wherever you go. Become the goddess in whatever way makes you feel empowered and amazing.