The first step to discovering your body’s rhythm

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Staying up late watching Netflix. Scrolling through Instagram before you go to bed.

The first step to discovering your body’s rhythmWaking up and checking your phone. All of these habits can interfere with your body’s natural circadian rhythm which depends on the rhythms of nature to function. The effect is  a whacked out hormones and menstrual cycle, weird eating habits, weight gain and fatigue.

“Connecting with the rhythms of nature” may sound “woo-woo.” Actually, it’s just a basic human need: We live on the earth, and our bodies are historically used to waking and sleeping with the sun. In our modern times, we’re generally out of touch with this basic bodily function.

The rhythm of the body intimately links with the cycles of nature because the physical bodily rhythms follow the rising and setting sun. Meanwhile the emotional body’s rhythms follow the phases of the moon. Just as we need the sun in order to see the moon, we need to be in sync with the sun’s rising and setting in order to follow the cycles of the moon to support the menstrual cycle and emotional body.

What is your circadian rhythm?


Circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock. The circadian rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle and it governs the biological bodily functions like hormone release, sleep and wake cycles, eating habits and digestion, and body temperature.

In comparison to our ancestors, we are much more disconnected from our body’s natural rhythms because of artificial light and temperature control. Our modern bodies are used to being within ten degrees of comfort at all times.

How circadian rhythms impact our relationship with nature

Perhaps our modern disconnection and exploitation of nature mirrors a disconnection from our own bodies and rhythms. We are able to ignore the seasons with temperature control and constant food availability. We’re able to ignore when the days get shorter and when the sun goes down because we have access to artificial light.

Our modern conveniences allow us to override what’s happening in the natural world outdoors. As a result we also may be ignoring what our bodies need: rest and rhythm.

Source sustainable energy for your Great Work in the world

Artificial light, especially blue light from devices like iPads, phones, and computers are damaging to the eye’s retinas. Blue light also impedes sleep patterns because they interrupt the brain from producing the sleep hormone melatonin.

Proper rest, eating habits, hormone release are requirements for you to deliver your soul’s Great Work in the world. Your body needs a routine and rhythm to depend on.

How circadian rhythms impact the menstrual cycle

Further, women’s energy patterns typically change according to the menstrual cycle and corresponding hormone levels throughout the month. The first step to stabilizing your rhythm is getting to know and notice what is normal for you. Then the body will fall in sync with its natural cycles which mimic the earth’s cycle.

Once your daily life aligns with the sun you can begin to track your menstrual cycle’s relationship to the moon. Without aligning daily rhythms to the sun, your monthly rhythm will be off.