How your ancestors could be holding you back

manag3Life Design, Shamanism

Today I’m hopping on the podcast to give teaching about epigenetics, ancestral healing, and how it can help us unlock genetic code to create new possibilities in our own lives, and as a collective. As a special gift, you can get a workbook to dive into healing your ancestral lines along with this episode by becoming a patron at  … Read More

Episode 12: Music as Activism with Darren Thompson


Darren Thompson

Darren Thompson, Ojibwe flute player, journalist, and organizer from the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Wisconsin, is here to talk about his experience as a journalist and activist. He shares how his work as a musician has informed his activism and his dedication to preserving his culture. Darren Thompson is a Native American flute player, journalist, and organizer from the … Read More