My Maiden to Mother Rite of Passage into Matrescence

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My first maiden to mother transition into matrescence during pregnancy and birth was a beautiful, challenging, and transformational rite of passage and spiritual experience where I leaned into profound trust in God, much like my vision quest experience in 2015. I like to say that my eldest daughter initiated me into motherhood, and without her I would not be the … Read More

Birth control review

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birth control pills

In this article, I won’t be doing a birth control review of different brands of birth control. Rather, I’ll expose birth control risks and birth control side effects. Around 65% of women aged 15-49 use birth control. Rates vary most by age: “About 39% of women in the 15-19 age group used contraception. But this rate nearly doubled to about … Read More

How I arrived on the Medicine Path

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I arrived on the Medicine Path in 2011 after I was raped. I was twenty-three. My string of miserable cubicle jobs became unbearable, my empty social life became unbearable, my loneliness became unbearable as confusion, shame, depression, somatic dissociation, and disconnection from my intuition took over. Due to that trauma, I escaped into the mountains and practiced dance daily, transmuting my … Read More

Why I don’t post my kids on social media

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Why don’t I post my kids on social media? Myriad of reasons. #1 reason: They are not old enough to choose it. When will they be old enough? TBD. #2 reason: Most child pornography is created from social media images. Look it up, and prepare to be disgusted & horrified. #3 reason: Their life is not mine to share. Sometimes … Read More

Parenting as ancestral healing

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If we can welcome the full authentic expression of a child, we break any and all ancestral patterns of abuse. Instead, we are creating a legendary legacy of love. This is a gift to the next seven generations. Can you show a child that she is loved and welcomed while she is bouncing off the walls giggly, silly, joyful AND/OR … Read More

Motherhood is a spiritual practice.

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After my first baby was born I still tried to maintain my morning practice. LOL. For me, after having children there was no “sitting in meditation.” There is very little solitude or silence, no tea ceremonies, no elaborate rituals all to myself. There is only presence. There is only devotion to my family. There is only learning from my teachers … Read More

Two self-care necessities (they are not what you think!)

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Learn how adding time for play and time for rest and self care is integral to achiveing success and wellness. Make sure these are part of your goal setting and goal planning.

I have a very important question: When was the last time you woke up completely rested…or the last time you totally lost track of time and lost yourself in the joy of play? I hope your answer is “yesterday” or “this morning”! But if the answer is that you don’t remember, let’s explore. Children lose themselves in the bliss of movement … Read More

Calling AI renderings “art” dishonors our ancestors and our creator

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There is no such thing as AI art. To call AI renderings “art” is blasphemous because humans are made in God’s image while robots are contrived, unnatural, artificial. According to its definition, ART requires consciousness. Imagination. Humanity. ART comes from the hearts, imagination, consciousness, and hands of human beings. It has since the beginning of time. Anything that has gone … Read More

Entering the MOTHER phase of the women’s lifecycle is only possible for actual mothers

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There are people teaching that women can enter the women’s lifecycle phase of MOTHER without becoming an actual mother. They say that it is metaphorical, archetypal. It’s simply not true. In fact, it’s pandering. It occurs as tip-toeing around—avoiding “offending” non-mothers. You can not enter the MOTHER phase of the lifecycle of WOMAN without becoming an actual mother to a … Read More

Don’t make a new year’s resolution. Do this instead…

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Happy new year

Most people think that January 1st is the time to make a new year’s resolution, set their goals and intentions for the year, and have total clarity on what the year ahead “should” look like. But that might be the biggest myth when it comes to “goal setting” or “productivity.” I understand how it’s easy to follow that doctrine. Everyone … Read More