Home birth support in Asheville, NC.

Your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey are part of a rite of passage into motherhood, whether this is your first child, or your fifth.

I am honored to support birthing women. My promise is to support womens’ unique preferences with a gentle approach.

I serve home birth families within one hour radius of Asheville, NC. Contact me at the bottom of this page.

Why do I need a birth witness?

Birth is a momentous occasion, and a doula holds the sacred space for a family to unfold within an intentional container.

As a matrescence mentor, my role is to empower mothers as they transition into a new phase of life: whether she is a new mother, or the mother of five already.

The matrescence transition happens with each birth. As mothers of multiple children know: every birth and the journey with each individual child is unique.

Support for your partner

My practice can involve the whole family. I support mother and father as he is likely working through big emotions and a momentous transition as well. Siblings can be involved through ceremonially recognizing their new sibling, and I can be available to support siblings during birth.

With so many love hormones flowing during your birth, it is an ideal time for bonding and falling in love. Fortunately, doulas can support this bonding time.


Asheville birth & postpartum services

  • In-depth prenatal & postpartum visits (we will discuss preferences, birth plan, fears, concerns, how you and your partner work best together)
  • Unlimited emotional, spiritual, and informational support via text, phone, email for the duration of your pregnancy, birth, and seven weeks postpartum.
  • Herbal care package
  • Facilitation of Mother’s Blessing gathering
  • Prenatal massage
  • Access to my Maiden to Mother rite of passage ceremony & mentorship
  • Labor & delivery support on call
  • Photo documentation of pregnancy, labor, birth, immediate postpartum.
  • 2 dozen lactation cookies
  • Postpartum support for seven weeks after your birth
  • Optional add-ons: Postpartum meals, placenta encapsulation

Carrie Barad, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula & Matrescence Mentor

I have been working with families as a doula since 2016 with the mission to help my clients and their partners create long-term satisfaction and joy with the memory of their child’s birth. To support women’s preferences, I offer the information women need for decision-making, along with techniques that calm and resource birthing mothers.

Owing to my background in ceremony and ritual, I incorporate intention and ceremony while I hold space for families.

Physiological Home & Free Birth

Supporting women committed to physiological home birth and free birth outside of the system is my priority. Of course in the rare event of a transfer, I accompany my clients and have years of experience supporting hospital birth.

My gentle yet confident nature creates a supportive and calming atmosphere.

I am a wife and homebirthing, homeschooling, homesteading mother of two.


“A big part of me getting a Doula was because my mother has passed and I was looking for a Feminine energy to be by my side and a source of guidance. With every meeting I developed a stronger bond with Carrie. She has a calm and caring demeanor and she far exceeded my expectations as a doula.
I would give this experience five stars. 
I have many favorite moments: Carrie asked insightful questions about our birth plan and during labor she asked questions that I was not in the right state of mind to think of. Her support during contractions and suggested use of different pain management techniques were supportive.
Having Carrie around was such a source of relaxation preparing for the birth and in labor. My husband and I felt this was so valuable and necessary.”

“Carrie is a good listener and helped us discuss what we wanted during our birth. During the birth Carrie was confident, calm, and very prepared to support us.”
Madelyn & Vince

“We loved Carrie’s presence. I loved the photos that she took and Carrie’s words during the labor were supportive.”

Kate & JR

“We felt so lucky to work with Carrie. After each prenatal appointment with her I was feeling much more relaxed and excited! Everything about my daughter’s birth was perfect, and the support Carrie gave both me and my husband was such a blessing.”


“The prenatal appointments with Carrie really prepared me to be the birth partner who could support my wife through our daughter’s birth.

The resources that Carrie provided and her knowledge were really helpful. I’m so happy she was there for us on the day our baby came in to the world.”


“Carrie is the most knowledgable doula I have worked with.”

Keri, Nurse at Rose Medical Center

“I was a high-risk pregnancy so I was concerned about what might happen during labor. Carrie was a good advocate and was super respectful & empowering of me. She was supportive and present without being pushy. 

I had to make some difficult choices during labor and Carrie huddled with me to help me tap into what I wanted, affirmed me, & then advocated for me with the medical team.”


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