Adventuring in California and exploring Deep Ecology

Carrie JordanShamanism

The past few weeks were chock-full of traveling. I drove to Colorado from Washington twice (once permanently), drove to California with a bestie, flew out to California for Symbiosis Gathering with another bestie, and went to NYC for a work trip. Needless to say, I’m glad to stay put for a while!

Symbiosis Gathering was a great experience. It is a music festival right after Burning Man, so many of the beautiful art installations from Burning Man were at Symbiosis. There were also so many opportunities to do yoga. I spent most of my time at the Nourishment Lab (learning about food and nutrition), and the Permaculture Hub (learning about gardening and permaculture). I came home with a notebook full of ideas and notes, which I will share with you in the coming weeks.

One idea that I came away with from Symbiosis, and that I really like is: Deep Ecology

If you want to be a champion of the planet, put roots down. Learn everything you can about the place where you live, and be the voice of that place. This idea reinforced a blog that I wrote a while ago about how identity is formed through your sense of place. I like this idea of deep ecology because I just moved to Colorado for the 2nd time, and I am excited to dig into what this means for me: I am studying the native plants here, noticing the weather patterns and when the seasons change, and noticing the wildlife, connecting with this high-vibe place once again.

Do you feel connected to where you live? Are you a transient traveler, or have you put roots down?