Abortion debate is a waste of time and energy

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abortion debate waste of time and energy

Regardless of what abortion laws the feds pass, pregnancy is many things. It’s a gift from God, a co creation, a wild ride, a choice that is ultimately in a woman’s hands/body.

Have you ever noticed roe v wade is and the debate has always been a mind bender? That’s because it’s a psy-op to trick you out of your power. It exists simply there to obscure the fact of life that no body can be legislated. The overturn of Roe v Wade is the call of the Divine Feminine inviting us deeper into our POWER and SOVEREIGNTY.

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I’m not pro or anti anything. These labels are far too over simplified and leave no room for nuance or multiple perspectives.

If a woman is unwilling to surrender to the will of God Goddess Source, she must contend with that.

Wise women know there are plenty of herbals to end unwanted pregnancy if that is someone’s path (I wouldn’t wish it on anyone as it seems full of grief & sorrow).

Consider that ending a pregnancy through abortion could be a ceremonial experience while providing robust emotional, physical, mental, spiritual support in private. Not the case in the allopathic world.

In fact, what happens to babies in the medical system post abortion is thoroughly disturbing to me…but that’s another story for another time. Or perhaps for you to research on your own (prepare for disgust).

It is a choice to participate in a system that subjugates women (and all humans) from birth. You can always choose to opt out of the main stream.

You don’t need a doctor’s or a politician’s permission to have an abortion. All bodies are sovereign as a birth right. It’s not a conversation. Once you depend on the government to tell you how to live you have lost your power.

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Simply by arguing amongst themselves and others Women are giving power away: politicizing, industrializing, commoditizing, colonizing, and medicalizing their own bodies.

How women can take their power back

The power is in knowing our innate wisdom as women. Cycles. Blood mysteries. Intimacy with ones own body. Plants. Ceremony. Women’s Wisdom.

I’m so over hearing the whiney victim song of girl children who don’t track their cycle, have sex with men they don’t want to father their children, take birth control poisons, depend on “the experts” to tell them what to do with their bodies, who literally have no idea what they are talking about (eg abortion is not “safe” ever) bc they are parroting what they heard on MSNBC and reposting memes that make no logical sense.

***A true adult woman takes responsibility for her life and body THE END.***

In my world sex is sacred. Cycles are sacred. Women only ovulate 6 days a month, it’s simple. Plant medicine supports fertility management. Pregnancy is vision quest preparation. Women can communicate with their unborn babies. Birth is the vision quest and rite of passage into MOTHER.

This is what I teach.

🌹🌹🌹Let’s teach young women (and young men!) to be aware of their cycle, know their body and be aware of the sacredness of s*x 🌹🌹🌹

If I have learned anything from the past couple years, it is this: NO ONE can take your body sovereignty. EVER.

Energy siphoning through mainstream media

Every other week is something else to feel outrage about. Why? Because your attention and energy is precious. It is being bought and sold through your online data every second.

The energy people spend being angry, you could instead spend educating yourself about all aspects of abortion, what is really going on here, examining all angles and multiple perspectives, educating your sons and daughters, finding a third way, regulating your nervous system.

Let’s call our energy back to ourselves. Let’s stop allowing the hijack of our energy and attention at convenient-for-the-establishment-times (via the abortion debate).

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Take the reigns back on your health and wellness. Stop giving your power to the doctors, the experts, the pfh arma companies, the politicians🤮the government, for God’s sake. They👏🏻Don’t👏🏻Care👏🏻About👏🏻You.

The best way to support women who want abortions

If you are truly passionate and committed to being able to have an abortion or want to support others in having abortions, read the book Natural Liberty. Give it to other women and discuss, donate some copies to a library and local women’s shelter. Then be done with this useless, life force sucking conversation.

Your health & wellness is your responsibility.