A new view of jealousy

Carrie JordanLife Design, Womens Wisdom

how to reframe jealousy and envy

We can know that someone is jealous when someone is making fun of us, demeaning us, it seems like they are trying to bring us down a notch. That is often a sign of jealousy, or wanting something that someone else has.

We can look at it a few ways—it can be a negative thing, or we can look at it with compassion and see that this person may have some insecurities, or in some way is admiring us and wants what we have. When we feel jealousy within, it can indicate to us what our desire is.

In the video I talk about my own experience with this and a supportive way to view it.

For me jealousy comes up as admiration—”I really want what she has.” I’ll check her out from afar, observe how she’s showing up, and wait until I feel secure enough in myself to inquire or find out more about her. 

I love jealousy because it indicates where my desire is, and this is a powerful message, especially for those of us who don’t know what we want.