Seven ways to heal and open your heart space

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heal and open your heart

The heart chakra is where the energy of our primal root and our divine selves come together. It is the center of relationships, unconditional love, and compassion for self and others.

Compassion and unconditional love are the most powerful forces in the universe because they are divine vibrations. Perhaps this is why the heart energy is such a magnetic, powerful force (the heart produces a magnetic field that is 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain).

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When we are hurt, face challenges or setbacks, or experience hardship, we often store that energy in our heart chakra.

Here are some ways to heal and open the heart space:

  1. Meditation for heart opening

    Studies have shown that there are so many benefits of meditation—for focus, clearing energy, clearing the monkey mind, and improved brain function. We can use meditation to funnel divine wisdom from the astral plane into our 7th and 4th (heart) chakras to help us receive insights from our divine selves. Other meditations include washing your whole body in a golden light of unconditional love, and washing your loved ones in a golden light of unconditional love. Get creative!

  2. Be sweet

    Embodying love in daily interactions, and striving to see others in their divine perfection helps me to vibrate at higher frequencies of love and compassion. Cleansing myself with the sweet scent of palo santo smoke or sweetgrass smoke also helps me cleanse myself with sweetness.

  3. Recognize the balance and the duality of everything

    I have been working with the idea of allowing my heart to set visions and intentions, and then allowing my mind to work out the details. Or asking, “is this a job for my divine masculine or my divine feminine? My left brain, or my right brain?” We all have a masculine archetype and a feminine archetype; a left brain and a right brain. Honoring both of those capacities allows us to embrace our whole selves.

  4. Dreamtime

    This chakra is connected to the astral plane through our divine selves. As a result we can strengthen and connect with our heart chakra by paying attention to the messages in our dreams. Try inhaling the scent of lavender and/or mugwort before you go to sleep. When you wake up, immediately write down what you remember of your dream; the colors and people you saw, emotions you felt, and symbols. When you make this a habit, it becomes easier over time.

  5. Plant allies and support 

    Yarrow, rose, and lemon balm are all excellent heart healers. Sipping a hot tea or making a poultice of yarrow or rose, or just meditating on the idea of healing with a rose in front of you…can help you focus on the intention of clearing and aligning this chakra. You can also were a rose quartz amulet around your neck that falls at the heart chakra. Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that gently removes negativity, and brings calmness and clarity. It can assist in healing emotional wounds, promotes unconditional love for the self and others, and can help you attune to the energy of love.

  6. Physical chest-opening

    There are so many yoga poses and sequences that are chest-opening. Working with this idea and the physical movements of heart opening is a great way to embody and envision the action of opening the heart space.

  7. Also see my post about what I gave up that helped me open and heal.

Have you tried these? How do you heal your heart space?

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