10 ways to access your creativity

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10 creativity tips

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic I have a new view of how we access and relate with our own creativity. Creativity is a force to reckon with if we allow it to be so, yet it can also be fragile. Mainly the fragility is creativity’s susceptibility to fear’s influence.

Here are the takeaways on creativity and passion that I whole-heartedly agree with:

  1. What are the projects you want to make and are not making? Why aren’t you making them? Usually the rationalization starts out logical and worldly, but when you look beneath that, the reason is always FEAR. Do not let fear make your creative choices, it will kill your creativity.
  2. When you have an idea, do you say to yourself, “But it’s all been done before”? Yes, it’s true in this modern world that most things have been done before, and nothing is original (everything is a remix). BUT it hasn’t been done by YOU with your perspective and YOUR voice! So go for it.
  3. Don’t try to help others. Set out to do something because it brings you joy. This will accidentally help people because “All love eventually becomes help.” If you love your life,  you will start to radiate more love into the world.
  4. Finding what you want to pursue is about what flavor of shit sandwich you don’t mind eating. What do you love so much that you don’t mind eating the shit sandwich that comes along with that?
  5. Don’t put yourself in a precarious situation when you pursue your passion or start a business. Don’t empty your IRA and quit your job. Be a responsible adult. Look out for yourself. Be curious and child-like, and ready to explore, but don’t be child-ish and say “Since I want it, I should have it.”
  6. There are no life hacks.
  7. Perfectionism is fancy fear. It’s better to be complete than to be perfect, so just finish it!
  8. You didn’t promise anyone that you would be GOOD at creating what you create. You have something inside of your soul that wants to come forward. It just wants to come out of your soul, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  9. Be playful! Trust the universe and your intuition. Dance with the playful trickster within. Don’t be a martyr. What you’re making is not a relic. Allow everything! Isn’t that a relief?!
  10. Put it out there and see what happens.

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