Matrescence Mentor & Asheville Doula


Becoming a mother is a profound transformation.

Begin with the Maiden to Mother mini video series


The birth of a baby—and the birth of a mother—are once-in-a-lifetime events.

What would the world be like if we held women in reverence during their sacred initiation from Maiden to Mother?

Hi, I’m Carrie

Women’s Wisdom Keeper, Maiden to Mother Mentor, Asheville Doula

I guide women into self trust and authority during the momentous rite of passage into matrescence (new motherhood).

Are you ready to ask and answer deep and profound questions? Release cultural conditioning? Allow an expressive and powerful version of yourself to emerge?

As a doula and wise woman, I believe every mother has unique innate wisdom to express as a legendary legacy of love…because mothers and fathers are building a legacy in each moment.


Wise women live from their deepest innate wisdom.
Together we are creating new realities that benefit generations to come.

Maiden to Mother

Be gently supported and nourished throughout your rite of passage into matrescence (pregnancy, birth & post-partum).

Asheville Doula Services

I serve home birth & free birth families within one hour radius of Asheville, NC. 

Integration Sessions

Three 90-minute sessions to process emotion, retrieve lost soul parts, and integrate the medicine of what happened during your pregnancy and/or birth experience.

My books

Life Design Planner

Life Design Planner

Oracular Poetry

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The Rise Collective Podcast is devoted to incorporating ancient ways into our contemporary lives. Honoring the oral tradition, we generously share  stories and wisdom about spiritual life, remembering the old ways, living in communion with the earth, and bringing it all to bear in our contemporary times.

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Begin with the Maiden to Mother mini video series.

I began my career in birth work as a birth doula in 2016 and my initiation as a priestess in 2012.

Trained in a wide variety of modalities and a certified transformational coach, I welcome the breadth and depth of mother’s experiences. We explore through curiosity and without assumptions.

I look forward to supporting you.